The global market for cloud based B2B Software is $270 billion over the next 5 years.

“That Boom You Hear is the Cloud.” Both the Wall Street Journal and Cloud Computing Journal last year reported with the growing saturation in consumer technology, startup and revenue rich development will soon shift to PaaS and SaaS. Opensoft has two new products under development in this key future business arena.

Brokerwave is the complete eMortgage solution, offering a real LOS (loan origination system) solution on the cloud. Merging the customer experience of complete online loan application and upload, with all the business benefits of a low cost, always compliant single application solution on the cloud, home lending is about to enter a new era of complete self-service.

FACCTS (Family and Court Case Tracking System), is now entering it’s second life. Originally developed as a locally installed application to track and manage family court cases, the next generation FACCTS is a real PaaS solution, which opens the new world of online court case filing (eFile). Like BrokerWave, FACCTS always in compliant offering fully up to date Court Case and Court Orders.

If you share our vision, along with those of the investment community, contact us, we would love to hear from you.


At Opensoft, every developer takes ownership and pride in his/her project. Committing ourselves completely in order to deliver the best product is just what we do.


We believe software should be written to achieve business results, not as an “academic” exercise. We choose technologies based on what makes sense, not based on the latest fad.


Opensoft developers strive to understand our customers’ core needs, and are therefore empowered to use whatever platforms, tools, and languages they need to get the job done.