Redirect Manager

Add permanent (301) or found (302) redirects to any internal or external URLs. RegEx (Regular Expressions) available to set up.
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Installation tutorial:

❶ When you purchased the plugin and its zip has been downloaded to your device, go to Admin area -> Configuration -> Local plugins and click on the button "Upload plugin or theme".

A popup will appear asking you to choose a file to upload. Click on the "Choose File button", navigate to the downloaded zip file and select it.

❸ Click on the "Upload plugin or theme" button.

❹ Find Nop Plugin Name plugin and click "Install".

 Go to Admin area -> Opensoft -> Redirect Manager.

 In Redirect Manager -> Settings, put a tick in "Enabled". To add URLs redirects, go to Redirect Manager -> Url Records and click on "Add a new value" button.

 In Authorize.Net -> Url Records, you can see the list of all redirects.


You can find more informartion about how to install plugins here.